Legal expertise in two countries

The Bösch law firm has been successfully providing legal services in two countries for over 25 years.

Austrian mandates are handled by the law firm’s main office in Bregenz. Mandates relating to Liechtenstein are dealt with by our local office in Vaduz.

Our services are mainly focused on private, foundation, company and business law. The law firm’s owner, Dr. Harald Bösch, is a recognised legal expert on Liechtenstein’s asset-holding structures: foundations, establishments (Anstalten), trusts and trust enterprises (trust reg.). His work includes providing legal advice and legal opinions as well as representing clients in courts of law or courts of arbitration.

The law firm possesses specialist know-how in the areas of inheritance law and forced heirship, estate planning, protection for creditors and asset protection.

The Bösch law firm is entirely committed to the interests of its clients and therefore attaches great importance to complete independence. Particularly in the case of the Principality of Liechtenstein, this makes us ideally placed to provide the best possible advice and to represent clients without any conflict of interests.

Facts which speak for themselves

  • Many years of practical experience in the law relating to foundations, inheritance, trust enterprises and trusts
  • A large number of academic legal publications on the law governing Liechtenstein’s asset-holding structures, including two standard works which have been instrumental in shaping the development of Liechtenstein law
  • Publications by attorney-at-law Harald Bösch have been cited by the Austrian Supreme Court, the Swiss Federal Court and the German Federal Fiscal court
  • Over 100 decisions by Liechtenstein supreme courts in which reference is made to relevant legal publications by Harald Bösch
  • Three changes in rulings of the Supreme Court of the Principality of Liechtenstein based on Bösch’s appraisal the relevant law

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